Opening Cruise 2020

66th Opening Cruise 2020

Our Committee

Opening Speech done by our Commodore – Charl Marais

Opening Prayer done by Dace Mac Millan

Parade of our Committee onto the shoreline for raising of the Flag proceeding’s

Raising of The Flag Proceeding’s

One Gun Salute for Beverly McLachlan

Official Salute to the Commodore and Harbour Master

From the Water by our Committee and Members to the Commodore and Harbour Master to Officially open the Season. We also have a boat Parade around in order for all members on the water to be seen and Salute.

Some Shenanigans

Dave Asisting Cobus with the correct stance for a photo

This was the photo I got which was supposed to be of of the Boys saluting – which turned into me falling and trying not to fall off the boat as the wake was huge and no-one saluted correctly.

What the Salute was supposed to look like.