Membership Rules & Regulations


This is a consolidation of the rules and hints published in the Eligwa newsletters over the past few years.  All pages of this document need to be read and signed by the applicant and returned to the committee.  This must be read together with the constitution of the Club.


  1. Original discs supplied are for the use of members only, and if this rule is abused, that person’s membership will be terminated.
  2. Members are allowed 10 visitors per member with a maximum of 4 visitors’ cars;  all visitors must complete the visitors register and be signed in by the member concerned.
  3. Ensure that your windscreen disc is displayed on the bottom corner on the driver’s side of your windscreen. It is your passport through the gates.
  4. To enter Eligwa gates you will require an Eligwa Gate Remote Control. Any member found giving this remote to anyone else, or cloning the remote, will have his/her membership terminated immediately.
  5. The speed limit in the club grounds is to be strictly adhered to. The 10kph limit is for everybody’s safety. Anyone caught speeding in the club grounds will be asked to leave the club immediately.
  6. When taking your boat out of the water, position your boat on your trailer yourself, the staff is there to operate the winch and tractors only. Once your boat is out of the water, please proceed immediately to the parking area to dress your boat to ensure the minimum delay at the ramp.
  7. In order to reserve a jetty, an “Occupied” sign must be used. This sign should have the word “Occupied” and the E number of the boat printed on it. Chevron boards and makeshift signs are not acceptable. Once the jetty has been reserved the sign may not be removed (except by its owner) even though it may appear that the jetty has been empty for some time.
  8. Read the rules at the launching ramp. Only registered members with valid skippers licences, will be allowed to launch and retrieve boats.
  9. No visitors or friends’ boats will be launched.
  10. Boats without E numbers displayed on both sides will not be launched.
  11. Do not travel in the club waters with a dragging ski line, stop and pull your line in.
  12. Petrol credit will NOT be allowed. All petrol sales must be settled via petrol or credit card.
  13. Please control your children in the club grounds. Do not allow them to swing on the  ropes or climb up the flagpoles or the poles in the clubhouse.
  14. Definitely NO swimming permitted in club waters.
  15. Dogs are to be kept on a leash and members must clean up their dog’s poo.
  16. Small children must be supervised at the club swimming pool. Children under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult whilst at the pool.
  17. Please do not sit on the tables.
  18. Fishing is only allowed in the dedicated fishing area.
  19. Visitors are welcome, provided that:  The member meets them at the gate to sign them in. (Arrange a time when you will meet your guest at the gate).  Entrance fee is R30 per car, as well as R20 per person older than 16 (subject to change). The member is prepared to be held responsible for the behaviour of his guests. The guest will be obliged to depart with the member even if the member should leave early.  Maximum 10 guests, 4 cars per member.
  20. Parents of club members are allowed in without payment.
  21. No personal watercraft, wet bikes, jet skis or windsurfers are allowed in the club, unless the relevant membership has been approved or by the express permission of the Commodore
  22. Skier’s Safety –
    1. No skier shall take off or land at any jetties in the club grounds, including any towable.  –
    2. It is preferable for a skier to take off in the water away from the club and after completion of skiing to board the boat away from the Club. The boat shall then proceed slowly with caution to its jetty. This will apply to all towables, including tubes, wakeboards and any water toys.
  23. If you are in doubt of club or river rules, speak to the duty officer.
    1. Please observe the speed limit of idle speed only in the no wake zone. This is to protect the assets of the other club members.
    2. Never enter or leave the no wake zone directly, instead enter/exit at the beginning/end of the no wake zone or at the green buoys only.
    3. Any member transgressing these rules will be asked to leave the club immediately.
    4. Never tow any skier, wake boarder or tube rider in or out of the no wake zone. This should be completed or started outside the no wake zone.
  25. The executive committee reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership from time to time as deemed necessary to protect the integrity of the Club.
  26. The Commodore reserves the right to terminate any membership at his sole discretion for whatever reason deemed necessary. Any member who has had his/her membership suspended may be asked to appear in front of a disciplinary commission, which may result in membership termination. The Commodore’s decision regarding these matters will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  27. Music – Any Member may play music to be enjoyed by himself alone. Nobody wants to listento the music of someone else. If your neighbours, who are there at the same time, can hear your music, it is too loud. If you are requested by any fellow club member to play your music softer, you Will do that WITHOUT any argument.


NOTE: When facing the Free State, east is on the left, (Riviera Club side) west is on the right (Holiday Inn side).

  1. All boats proceeding past the club have “right of way” over those leaving the riverbank or jetties. They shall pass the club towards the middle of the river when travelling at speed.
  2. All boats approaching jetties have “right of way” over those boats leaving jetties. It is the responsibility of the boat driver LEAVING the mooring jetty to observe and adhere to this rule.
  3. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall a boat follow in the wake of a boat towing a skier
  4. All occupants of a boat shall be seated IN the boat whilst travelling, NOT on the gunwales (sides), or on the bow (front) or on the backrests of the seats.
  5. Skiers must wear a life jacket at all times whilst skiing.
  6. It shall be preferable for an observer to be present in the boat (alternatively an adequate wide- angle mirror) at all times to assist the boat driver when towing skiers. The driver or observer shall indicate any intention to change direction.
  7. The direction of travel on the river is anti-clockwise: * When travelling on the river always turn to your left and only after checking that it is safe to do so. * Always overtake slower or stationary craft on the right.
  8. A red flag shall be displayed at all times whilst a skier or ski rope is in the water. After dropping a skier, the boat shall immediately move to the middle of the river and recover the ski rope.
  9. Anyone found using his boat whilst under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or drugs, shall have the boat impounded by the club officials, and his/her membership reviewed.
  10. Swimming in the river, or around and between jetties is not permitted.
  11. Turn off the boat engine before pulling the skier into the boat.
  12. No persons under the age of 16 are permitted by law to operate a powered craft.  Commodore and Harbour Master can grant special permission eg. skippers training completed or Racing licence issued by Legal Authority.
  13. Each boat shall carry certified copies of all relevant skippers’ licenses for all drivers as well as all C.O.F. documents. All boats will comply with relevant maritime authority regulations for the above as determined from time to time.
  14. No boats are allowed on the river after sundown or before sunrise. The Club will not be held responsible for any incident after these times unless condoned by the safety officer.
  15. Boats which are allowed on the water after dark must display a white light at the back, a red light on the port side (left) and a green light on the starboard side (right).
  16. Powerboats must give way to all other craft (sail, canoes and rafts).

REMEMBER: IT TAKES THREE PEOPLE TO SKI The boat driver, the observer & the skier.  The observer’s function is to relay to the driver all signals from the skier and to inform the driver IMMEDIATELY if the skier falls. Always wear a life jacket when skiing. Switch off the engine before taking skiers aboard from the water. Do not leave the engine running in neutral, if the gear lever is accidentally engaged, the propeller could injure the skier.

NEVER SKI TOO CLOSE TO THE RIVERBANK, THIS ENSURES THAT YOU WILL NOT BE CAUGHT UP IN FISHERMEN’S LINE. ALWAYS PULL THE SKI ROPE BACK IN WHEN THE SKIER HAS LANDED. Never let it drag behind the boat, it becomes a hazard to other boats if left in the water. Avoid prolonged high speed boating in rough or choppy water; it’s like driving a speeding car over rough, corrugated roads – uncomfortable and damaging to the craft. The pounding and vibration could cause Loosening or even breakage of components and can lead to stress and major damage to the hull.

RETURNING HOME – when you return the boat to its trailer, make sure that the boat is secured properly before pulling it up the ramp. After it is out of the water and away from the ramp, remove the drainage plugs so as to allow the water to run from the bilges. Keep your boat clean – USE FRESH WATER to remove any grime, algae and dirt from the hull and deck. Boating becomes more fun as you learn more about it. These tips will help towards your safety and pleasure in the water.


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